Western Cape Clubs

Grahame Tomes and Management team in conjunction with William Louw of Somerset West Croquet Club have come up with a sure fire way for croquet clubs to increase their income – rent out some of their better players to other clubs for inter-club competitions!
Player transfer in the interests of croquet: -Rondebosch Croquet Club has been offered
on a loan basis, their star “centre forward” William Louw on a transfer fee free basis for the coming Robinson Cup 2016/2017 season.
SWCC sincerely believes that at this stage in RCC’s history that the injection of such a strong player into their ranks will help RCC rebuild
its profile as a strong competitive club and will also help to “level the playing field” during the Robinson Cup matches. This will make the competition between the participating clubs in the WC even more hotly contested.

transfer fee free basis
Whilst it is true that SWCC has decided to drop its normal transfer fee (which for a player of this calibre would usually amount to some R4m [at least]) the SWCC committee has agreed that it would not be averse to enjoying a free glass of RCC’s finest (wine) when they next get to play at Rondebosch!

So here’s to season 2016 / 2017 of the Robinson Cup. Let the games begin.