GCCC – Buy a Block of Lawn

“Get The Croquet Balls Rolling in Greyton!”

Hello there Fellow Croquet Comrades!

Little Red Circles are Happening on the GCCC’ BUY A BLOCK OF LAWN Board! It is just three weeks that the GCCC Lawn Board has been doing its thing. Great thanks to all of you who have already bought a Block or Blocks of Lawn or even Lots of Blocks of Lawn or will yet buy Blocks of Lawn. If this kind of mojo keeps going ON, we will have to move the horses off our GCCC croquet lawns within months. This board is soon to be on our new GCCC’ website.

Read more to see the board and current updates!

Denis A. Turnbull – Chairman of the GCCC



PS. A lot of Little Red Circles can make something very Big happen Greyton! Once the board is full of red circles it means R90,000. A Greyton Horticulturist is presently growing First Class Croquet Grass in his greenhouse. When this board gets full of red circles we will be able to install 300mil of the finest grade of sand on 900 square meters for one croquet lawn and be ready to plant this grass in November or December on a World Class site in Greyton.

UPDATE – Things are Happening!

The GCCC BUY A BLOCK OF LAWN BOARD now has over 100 red circles on it! R10,000 so far. 80 more red circles to go and the first GCCC Croquet Lawn will be a Reality! Our Buy a Block of Lawn board has 884 Blocks on it – Each block represents one square meter of lawn. One croquet lawn equals 950 square meters. One Red Board = One World Class Croquet Lawn! BRAVO & GREAT THANKS for your support!