​Greetings fellow croquet players around the country ​

“​We are dying”

​We are dying … to be more accurate our lawns are dying.
As you will appreciate without lawns we will have no fee paying members.
Without members the Croquet Clubs will die off – “we are dying”

Two of five
Of the five well established croquet clubs in the Western Cape
only two of them need any financial help you can give them

A plea
The two clubs that need the help are Somerset West and Fish Hoek. The other three
(being Rondebosch, Helderberg and Kelvin) are fine as they all have access to borehole water.

SWCC and FHCC cannot afford to sink boreholes as each club would need to find +/- R120,000 to do so AND with no guarantee of success.

Sadly, at Somerset West Croquet Club we have a greater challenge than FHCC in that
1. We need to keep 4 croquet lawns alive (FHCC needs to keep their two lawns going)
2. SWCC is hosting 19 British and 1 Norwegian world class association croquet players (plus their South African counterparts) who are all competing in the annual WCCA championships between the 10th and 17th of February.

The lawns are dying in front of our very eyes !

​SWCC has spent all of its financial reserves on the purchase of 4 x water tanks, a pump and as much treated effluent as we can buy / get delivered using all the Club’s savings and donations from many members BUT SADLY IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

The Somerset West Council were approached and prepared to bend the law to allow us to pump water from the Lourensford river (the Council has apparently been pumping 50 million liters per day into the two reservoirs for many years from this water source) but the once mighty Lourensford river is down to a trickle – so no more pumping is possible – even for Council use !

Begging bowl
We know that everybody is tight on money but any / every donation you would be prepared to make to help buy water for the lawns would be a real blessing – thank you for your support


Gavin Brown and Grahame Tomes
Fund raising committee members SWCC

Bank details
Bank code 198765
Current account 1060174022
Somerset West ​