2018 WCCA Association Championships

Not only did the weather throw us a few “curve balls”, which included an almighty thunderstorm on Tuesday – hailstones the size of which I don’t ever recall seeing here in Somerset West, but the lawns threw us a few too. Drought conditions are tough on the lawns, and SWCC certainly have been doing their best to work miracles.

It was wonderful having all our UK friends back again, and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

Event winners left to right:
back row: Judith Hanekom (Open Handicap Singles X), Barry Huxley (Restricted Singles B), Mike Moore (WCCA & SACA president), Richard Stevens (Restricted Singles C), Chris Evans (Scottish Salver)
front row: Diana Stevens (Open Handicap Singles Y and Veterans Singles), Mark Avery (Opens Singles & Open Handicap Doubles), Caroline Burr (Open Handicap Doubles with Mark Avery)
Absent: Johnathan Edwards (Restricted Handicap Singles)