Golden Mallet Croquet Club

The club was started in 2002 by Jonathan Paton as an activity offered by the University of the Third Age (U3A). 
Initially we only played on a Tuesday morning at Bruma Sports Club and games were played on a purely social basis with tea and biscuits as part of the social scene. 
Due to various problems at Bruma we moved to Observatory Bowling Club, subsequently we moved to Paterson Park and later to Hilson Park Sports Club where we are currently situated. 
It was during our time at Observatory that the croquet club was formed and we were officially named the Observatory Croquet Club.
As we moved venues so our club name was changed to coincide with the club where we were playing until late 2008 when it was decided we would now be known as The Golden Mallet Croquet Club to avoid future name changes should we again have to relocate. Jonathan Paton was voted in as our first chairman and on his passing Jessie Janke was elected chairman.

General news and Competitions:

The 2010 Jonathan Paton Memorial Croquet tournament was held on 16 June at the Johannesburg Country Club.
The runners up were Ingrid Volschenk, Duncan Miller, both of Zoo Lake Croquet Club. The winners were Jo Meintjes of Golden Mallet and Mike Corcoran of Zoo Lake Club


Play from 9.00 onwards on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. For more information contact Jessie Janke on 011 642 9574.

Playing Times:

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 9.00am onwards.


We currently have 17 members and play on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. We have remained mainly a social club with only a small number of members who participate in tournaments.


When Jonathan Paton passed away his family set up the Jonathan Paton Memorial Tournament which is held annually at the Johannesburg Country Club. The date for the next tournament is 16 June 2009.

We look forward to welcoming visitors should you be in Johannesburg.

Contact Details:

Contact: Jessie Janke (Chairlady)
Address: Hilson Park Bowling Club, Louis Botha Avenue, Highlands North
Tel: +27 (0)11 642 9574