Western Cape SWCC end of season

The Robinson Cup In the this 25th year of the Robinson Cup the final show down on Sunday (15th April) was between old adversaries KGCC and SWCC.
Although SWCC beat KGCC 10 to 6 games the 4 game win was not enough to close the gap on KGCC's lead for the whole 2017/2018 season.
So congratulations to Kelvin Grove Croquet Club who are this season's winners.
SWCC came 2nd and FHCC were third cwt (the ...
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2018 WCCA Golf Championships

Wow....what a week....full of "fun and games" and a fair amount of pretty impressive play by a number of competitors. Overheard being said by one of our overseas visitors "the standard of play certainly has shot up"....so well done to all our local players, you should be super proud of yourselves. We completed the week with smiles on our faces, ready to face the rest of the season with determination. There are some, who unfortunately ...
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2018 WCCA Association Championships

Not only did the weather throw us a few "curve balls", which included an almighty thunderstorm on Tuesday - hailstones the size of which I don't ever recall seeing here in Somerset West, but the lawns threw us a few too. Drought conditions are tough on the lawns, and SWCC certainly have been doing their best to work miracles. It was wonderful having all our UK friends back again, and we look forward to seeing ...
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