Avion Park Bowling Club

At the beginning of 2007 the Benoni Bowling Club made it known that they were looking for members. I approached them and asked if the members had to be bowlers. Would they like to consider croquet players. After a short committee meeting they agreed and the Croquet section was launched.


Club Benoni Bowling Club corner Kimbolton and Newlands ave. Benoni Croquet versions played Association, Golf and Ricochet.
Equipment and instruction supplied. Flat shoes must be worn. A hat is recommended. Pleasant and sociable Bar available.

Playing Times:

Main playing day Sunday afternoon 1:30 onwards.
Other time Saturday afternoon 1:30 onwards (usually practice session).
Sunday Morning ( Association and Ricochet) 9:30 onwards.
Play can be organised on a Wednesday or a Thursday by arrangement.
Visitors wishing to play at the club are welcome.


After a slow start, membership has grown steadily and we have recently signed up our 21st member. None of the members had ever played croquet before but they are learning fast and we have a number of players who could stand up in most tournaments.

Two of the players are now playing the association version of the game and currently have 16 handicaps. I have been teaching them but we will need some better coaching and some competition in the near future. Most of the players are regulars who pitch up every Sunday afternoon for the game. We are currently trying to start a Saturday group as well.

Three of the players have strong links with the Girl Guide Movement so an effort is to be made to recruit from that area. This will bring much needed youth into the game. A Guides day is planned for the near future. An attempt will be made to create a proficiency badge for croquet Two of the players have ambitions to become referees.


The first competition that the club participated in was the Jonathon Paton Trophy. Considering that this was the first contact made with players outside of the club they did very well, and demonstrated that their knowledge of the new rules was up to standard.

An interclub competition has been instituted in Gauteng. Our first contact was with Zoo lake and as a club all we can say is that there is much to learn. A group was preparing to take part in the Highlander but circumstances forced us to abandon the idea for this year. Every opportunity is being taken to make contact with players from outside the Benoni club.

Moved to Avion Park Bowling in 2013, with new beginning

Contact Details:

Contact: Margaret Bennet (President)
Tel: +27 (0)11 969 2818 / +27 (0)83 667 7519
E-mail: sunstove@iafrica.com
Address: Avion Park Bowling Club, Highveld Road/Aloe Street, Kempton Park.