Golf Croquet

An Outline

The Rules

Latest Golf Croquet Rules – this document may be downloaded and printed in booklet fashion onto the page size of your choice – A4, A5 or A6. The A6 size, while more difficult to read, is more portable and can fit into a pocket for access during play.

Click here to download the latest Rules. (July 2018 5th edition). 

Latest Rules Quick Reference Card – this document may be printed onto an A4 page, double sided, laminated and cut into 8 cards per A4 page. Every player should have one handy to deal with the most common fault situations.

Click here to download the Rules Quick Reference Guide.


Handicap Cards – the latest handicap card may be downloaded by clubs and emailed to your local printers to print A5 booklets. The booklet provides 12 pages for recording game results, 16 results per page. Members are encouraged to record all official singles and doubles games to keep handicaps improving. Useful information is provided on the inside front cover to help new players get the hang of it.

Click here for a sample of the Golf Croquet Handicap Card.