History of the Robinson Cup

HISTORY OF THE ROBINSON CUP (updated August 2020)

The history is that it was founded by Geoffrey Robinson, a Chairman at SWCC, some 27 years ago and has been played ever since – originally by the then 4 existing clubs. It has grown to 6 clubs now and is always played “level” (no handicap). Geoffrey’s idea was that this tournament would be played monthly, with friendly rivalry and that after the games the players sat down to lunch together to socialise at whichever club was hosting. Throughout the season there was one game at home and one away against each club.
Somerset West manage the Robinson tournament under the auspices of the provincial body WCCA. It is still a happy and popular event, although the rivalry these days can get somewhat “fierce” as each club strives to win. It seems to be somewhat of a cachet to belong to your club’s Robinson Cup Team.
It is worth mentioning that, in this province, Fish Hoek founded and manage the False Bay Challenge. Fish Hoek, under the guidance of Henrietta Heim, originally set up and managed the Best of Season’s Singles (BOSS) but it was passed to Rondebosch to assist them in fundraising, where it currently resides. The process of management of these three tournaments spreads the administrative load. The main provincial tournaments are managed by the Western Cape Croquet Association which oversees all matches played in the province.
So where are we in 2020. The fortunes of clubs ebb and flow so in order to be inclusive of each it was decided in 2019 to try the format of 6 per side. However, all the clubs have decided to return to the 8-a-side format which makes for a better playing order in each team. The scoring for this tournament has been changed to the point system for the 2020 season. It is worthy of note that this season has been severely affected by the Corona Virus which has curtailed the start of the summer season games and may well continue into the winter months.