Wilderness Bowling & Croquet Club

We play a form of Golf croquet which we have designed to make it as friendly and social as possible. This only takes 2 hours with 3 courts in use.
Each day we play for the crown, the person with the most wins out of 3 games has the privilege of wearing this whilst we have sun-downers!

Our club is made up of retired people, quite a number are summer visitors who have homes here in Wilderness. The number of players ranges from 6-18. We are open to anyone holidaying here in Wilderness.

A green fee is charged at the beginning of the afternoon and we have a club house with bar facilities. Club days: Protea Hotel Wilderness Bowling Greens Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Contact Details

Secretary: Chris Eckford
Tel: +27 (0)83 591-8769
E-mail: eckcj@live.com
Organiser: Peter Ekcford
Tel: +27 (0)448831059
Address: P.O.Box 960, Wilderness, 6560