Update – Women’s World Golf Croquet Championships

The Women’s GC Worlds was played on 11 spectacular lawns at Southwick croquet club (near Brighton) and although the weather variable and chilly at times, the competition was fierce and camaraderie amongst the ladies almost tangible. 

Congratulations to the South African Croquet players who represented SACA at the recent WCF Association Croquet Championships (Reg Bamford and Neil McHardy) and WCF Women’s Golf Croquet Championships (Lindsay Hobbs, Silvia Short and Judith Hanekom).

In the Women’s event, the closing block stages saw Silvia fighting for a block play off place for the knockout round, Lindsay into the plate event and Judith qualifying for the knockout round.

Fortune didn’t favour Silvia sadly and she too went into the plate, Judith having a tough first round knockout tussle with Egypt’s second ranked lady player (and a roaring cold) saw her go into the bowl (first round knockout losers) which she won and placed her 17th (out of 56 competitors)overall in the Championship.

The South African ladies can be proud of their performance, both on and off the lawns, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Thanks must go to all those back home who sent messages of encouragement and support to our representatives. 

Lindsay Hobbs

Judith Hanekom – the epitome of concentration


All the lady prize-winners