WCCA Inaugural ‘Open’

Results: https://croquetscores.com/2018/gc/the-open

“What a beautiful weekend it was with The Open’s inaugural outing.”
“Thanks to you and everyone involved with the organization and catering. It was great fun”
“A most enjoyable two days for all the contestants and spectators alike.”
“A most pleasant and stimulating weekend of GC croquet.”
“I would like to add my thanks, Iain and Gannick and the HVCC for a really well run and fantastic event. New standards are being set, not just for hosting and organising events like this, but in croquet as well.”
“The friendly atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the players was a delight to see – well done the folks at WCCA who initiated this idea of an Open, and many thanks for all the effort that went into the organisation and planning!”
“Thanks for organising a really enjoyable tournament. Yes the lawns to great and the catering even better – especially the chicken curry – I can do that again anytime. Loved the general spirit of goodwill on the day – that’s croquet to enjoy.”
“Helderberg were wonderful hosts and the lawns were just great. Play at this level was a joy to watch and it was quite clear that an excellent day’s play was had by all. Next Saturday’s format will be best of 3 games (13-hoopers) each and our young friend from UCT is likely to put up some fierce opposition.”
“Most certainly all these top players were on form and the scores were very close in most instances – a joy to watch.”
” It was just a pity that light stopped play is still to be decided when the last match will be played to decide the individual winner. Lots for the organisers to plan for next time but there is no doubt that, not only did all the clubs put up wonderful opposition, but Helderberg Village Croquet Club were wonderful hosts.
It seems to me that this will become the premier event of the season – such a good idea for our top players and following in the tradition for which the beautiful Level Best Trophy was designed many years ago.”
“Just a big thank you to you Helderberg Village for organising and hosting a wonderful tournament over the last two Saturdays.
Some excellent croquet and some rising stars, and a great atmosphere with super support from players and spectators.
Well done to all, and I hope this tournament will become an annual event.”
“HVCC received lots of compliments and thanks which we’re happy to receive but in honesty must share
1: Servest and HV staff did a great job over months preparing Lawns,
2: Invaluable guidance came from the key people in WCCA SACA SWCC.
3: Skills & enthusiasm of all players created an electric atmosphere.
4: Unforgettable performances are very rare. Yesterday they happened.
From out Committee in particular. HVCC in general, thanks to you for creating the fantastic sport we share”
“sincere congrats to you for your superb organization of this event…we all so enjoyed the fantastic display of how croquet should be played! What a pity we ran out of daylight”


Judith Hanekom