Western Cape SWCC end of season

The Robinson Cup

In the this 25th year of the Robinson Cup the final show down on Sunday (15th April) was between old adversaries KGCC and SWCC.
Although SWCC beat KGCC 10 to 6 games the 4 game win was not enough to close the gap on KGCC’s lead for the whole 2017/2018 season.
So congratulations to Kelvin Grove Croquet Club who are this season’s winners.
SWCC came 2nd and FHCC were third

cwt (the croquet war tomes league)

In the final matches of the season ​that were played on Wednesday 14th April

SWCC narrowly beat HVCC for this year’s trophy.
Going into the final round HVCC and SWCC were “neck and neck” on matches AND games – the first time ever that there has been such a close contest between two clubs. Happily RCC “helped” SWCC by beating HVCC in their final game of the season which, when put against SWCC’s 5 to 4 final ​games ​score against FHCC, allowed SWCC to pip HVCC at the post ​ by just one match​ !

(second division / reserves)

The SWCC teams managed to win the Second Division CWT trophy too. These are matches played, 4 ​in ​a season – all against Fish Hoek. These two tournaments ​(cwt 2nd division and the HelderWest competition ​are very closely inter-linked with the players from each switching ​between the two contests, ​depending on who is available.

HelderWest social league

(Played twice per month between HVCC and SWCC – for 6 handicaps up to 10.)

This was the first season of this new event and SWCC rotated 15 different players through this league throughout the 2017/ 2018 season and managed to emerge victorious over HVCC – it was interesting to note how many wins on both sides were down to the wire 7 to 6 scores over the entire season.
A very high percentage, which bodes well for the GC game going forward.

Grahame Tomes