Guidelines for Tournament Managers

The duties of the Manager of a tournament are as follows:

    1. Entries. To advise the Organising Body of the maximum number of entries that can be accommodated.
    2. Draw. To superintend or make the draw or to nominate another to do so on his behalf.
    3. Hours of Play. To decide when play shall start and finish each day of the tournament.
    4. Practice. To decide when players may practise on the courts and to inform them if they are not permitted to practise in accordance with Regulation P4(e).
    5. Order of Play. To decide the order in which events and games are played.
    6. Courts. To allot courts to competitors and to declare any court to be unfit for play.
    7. Information. To keep players and spectators informed of any alterations to the programme and of the progress of the tournament. If so agreed with the Organising Body, to submit results and other information for wider publication and to assist anyone reporting or sponsoring the tournament.
    8. Trophies. If so agreed with the Organising body, to make arrangements for the presentation of any trophies and to obtain receipts for them.
    9. Consultation. To discuss with the Organising Body prior to the event and agree alterations to the published tournament programme which do not contravene the Laws and these Regulations.
    10. Emergencies. To take such other actions as may be appropriate in an emergency to safeguard the well-being and interests of players, spectators, the Organising Body and any host club.

Further details regarding the Powers of the Manager in regard to Adjournment, Leave, Programme alteration, Lateness of players, Sanctions and Disqualification are available from on request.

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